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Education and Market Development for the Bar Code Industry

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Sales Reinforcement

Complete design, layout and production services are available to create high quality promotional material to present your products in a professional manner. With today's desktop publishing tools, it is very easy to create a piece of literature. However, it should not look like a flyer from Fast Ernie's Bar Code Emporium, unless that is the market you are addressing. Deliverables can be in electronic format (Ventura, PageMaker, Microsoft Word, Adobe Acrobat PDF or web-ready HTML), CD-ROM masters, camera ready film or printed.

Brochures come in many sizes and formats, from multi-page full color layouts to simple one page fold-overs. Each has their place in the selling cycle. The fancy full color brochure gives the company an opportunity to show off, to present themselves in a favorable light with creative graphics and well orchestrated photographs. They create an immediate impression. The smaller fold-outs on the other hand offer the user quick convenience, pointing out a particular message in an easy to understand format.
Data Sheets
Data sheets are appropriately named, containing all of the information a customer would need to successfully use a product. They should contain a brief features/benefit overview followed by enough information to allow the user to compare the product capabilities to the application requirements. Remember, if only and engineer can understand it, then you are only going to sell products to engineers!
Describing what you have to offer the customer sounds like a simple proposition, however it can be made needlessly complicated or so generic it is useless. Catalogs should be created with the using audience in mind, not the art director.
Infomercial Booklets
One of the most successful promotional items is an information booklet. Useful information is always in demand and is of value to the customer. This gives it a permanence benefit as reference material that will be saved and reused. Each time it is used, your company message will again be placed in front of the customer.
Application Notes
If a customer has difficulty in understanding how your products will solve his problems, then an example might be in order. By describing how the product is applied to a particular situation, the customer has a "how to" guideline to follow.






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