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A comprehensive marketing plan, whether it be for a new product, a product line or the complete company product offering is a necessity for any business. However it is a working document that should control the direction of the marketing programs. Many companies create a beautifully written market plan, complete with multi-color graphs, pie-charts and market statistics. Then they place it on the book shelf as if it is a rare piece of work and that should only be opened to show someone how valuable it is. A successful marketing plan is one that is dog-eared with notes written in the margin, sections high-lighted, sentences underlined and the complete volume plastered with yellow sticky notes.

Once the plan is completed and everyone has signed-on, failure to provide the follow-on support material can render the plan useless and a waste of time. As in any other war games (and it is WAR), the logistics tend to define the outcome of the battle. Market Resources can serve as your armament dealer for individual battles or theaters of conflict.

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