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Education and Market Development for the Bar Code Industry

Bar Code Guideline Series

Planning is essential if you are to get the maximum benefit from a bar code system. A knowledge of what bar coding is and how it is used is a basic ingredient of this process, An investment in a bar code education is a worthwhile expenditure. A bar code system on the average has a payback time of less than six months. However, it is very easy to muddle around and delay, even completely miss the major benefits to be had simply because of a lack of knowledge of basic bar coding concepts.

The Bar Code Guideline Series is a collection of five booklets covering a wide spectrum of bar code equipment and systems, created to make it easy for the user to understand how bar code systems work and the interrelationship between the various components. The Bar Code Guideline Series does not attempt to squeeze into a single volume all of the material needed to adequately cover the wide ranging technologies represented in a typical system. Rather it breaks them down into five practical subjects, each focusing on different but equally important aspects. Each booklet provides enough detail to satisfy the most experienced user, yet is presented in a format allowing the new user to understand the concepts without getting bogged down in mindless technical jargon.

Collectively the Bar Code Guideline Series booklets provide over 125 pages of information, covering the complete spectrum of questions asked by first time users. There are five booklets in the series, each printed in a full 8.5" x 11" soft cover format.

Bar Coding is simply another method of collecting data, albeit faster and more accurate than manual techniques. This booklet provides an explanation of the concepts behind the collection of data and how systems should be designed to take advantage of automated collection techniques.

A bar code system can increase productivity and save money. This booklet describes how to calculate the cost savings that can be attributed to the installation of a bar code system and provides example calculations.

There are many different bar code symbologies being used today. The concepts behind bar code symbologies are outlined in this booklet along with descriptions of the most popular symbologies and typical applications.

Automated Data Systems, 22 pages.
Bar Code Economics, 23 pages.
Bar Code Symbologies, 31 pages.

There are many different types of printers in use today but not all of them have the attributes necessary for good bar code printing. This booklet describes the different printing technologies and lists their advantages and disadvantages when used for printing bar codes.

Bar Code Printing, 20 pages.

A review of the different hardware components available for implementing a bar code system along with a description of typical usages. It contains illustrations of typical hardware configurations.

Bar Code System Components, 31 pages.

The Bar Code Guideline Series is priced at $19.95 for a complete set of booklets. Individual titles may be ordered for $10.00 each. For ordering information or quantity discount pricing please contact



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