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Education and Market Development for the Bar Code Industry

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Guideline Series
Printing Reference

Bar Code Guideline Series

A series of five booklets designed for the novice bar code implementor.
Automated Data Collection
Bar Code Economics
Bar Code Symbologies
Bar Code Printing
Bar Code System Components


Bar Code Printing Reference

To be successful, all bar code systems must meet two basic requirements. First, the symbols must be faithfully reproduced, and second, the scanner must be able to read the printed symbols under a real life set of environmental conditions. If the printing is only slightly off, something perfectably acceptable for human readable characters, the ability of the scanner to read them may be seriously impared. The Bar Code Printing Reference Guide provides a concise and definitive set of guidelines for selecting the appropriate printing technology for bar code applications. The subjects covered in the book include:
Understanding Bar Codes
Printing Specifications
Label Requirements
Measuring Print Quality
Choosing a Technology
Off-Site Printing Processes
Impact Dot Matrix Printing
Formed Font Printing
Direct Thermal Printing
Thermal Transfer Printing
Laser Printing
Ink Jet Printing
Media Selection
Label Design and Printing Software
Label Application Methods


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