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Education and Market Development for the Bar Code Industry

Bar Code Printing Reference Book

A definitive book addressing the special needs of bar code printing. The Bar Code Printing Reference Book clearly defines the impact of these needs on the selection of an appropriate print technology.

To be successful, all bar code systems must meet two basic requirements. first, the symbols must be clearly and accurately produced, and second, the scanner must be able to read them reliably. If the printing of the symbol is even slightly distorted, the ability to read them is seriously impaired.

The Bar Code Printing Reference Book is not a merely simplified explanation of how a printer works, but a thorough analysis of the characteristics of available printers that can affect the printing of a bar code symbol. Consisting of over 100 full size pages, the Bar Code Printing Reference Book uses photographs, tables and drawings to illustrate the concepts described.

The sixteen chapters in the book provide enough detail to satisfy the most experienced user in a format and style that is "friendly" to the novice user. Coverage is also provided for related subjects, such as software for label printing, print quality verification, media selection and label application. Information that is impossible to condense into a single chapter as most general bar code books attempt. Easy answers for difficult questions like:
What characteristics make a good bar code printer?
How are these characteristics different from a good text printer?
How do I measure print quality?
How do I determine what is a good bar code symbol?
How does the usage of a bar code label impact the choice of the printer for producing it?
What are the advantages and disadvantages of the various print technologies when used for bar code printing?
Should I buy labels from an off-site vendor or print them myself?
How do I select an appropriate printer to use in a bar code system?
What kind of label material and adhesive should be specified?
What kind of information should be placed on a label?
What features should I look for when selecting label design software?
What do I use to apply the labels to product packaging?
Where can I get more information on specific printers?

The Bar Code Printing Reference Book is priced at $19.95 in single unit quantities. For ordering information or quantity discount pricing please contact



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